I have rekindled my interest in small electric free flights.  In particular, the E20 size models.  I have studied the various FF forums and decided to design my own timer for the class.  I consulted with several FF modelers and found some of the desirous features of a new timer.  Feature #1, motor starts after button is pressed, but the timing function does not start until the button is released – usually with the actual launch.  Feature #2, the DT function cannot happen until after the motor has shut down.

I built a prototype using a homemade PCB.  Most of the time was taken up by trying to get a usable PCB!  Once I had a PCB, I began programming the unit.  It uses a PIC12F1612 and I used MPLAB and the XC-8 C compiler to write the code.  I have the prototype working and here is a video of it functioning.

Now that it is functioning, I have populated the production PCB. Here are the pictures:

MVC-074F MVC-073F

JD Nicoud of Didel fame did the PCB layout for me.  I will spend the next few weeks testing the new production prototype.

Thanks to Paul Bradley, Ralph Bradley, Bill Piatek, Ralph Ray, Nick Leichty, JD Nicoud, Mike Watters, George Harris, Larry Hall and Sergio Zigras.