I have been wanting to start a blog for some time to let everyone know whats happening and what’s coming out next. I finally bit the bullet and had my Webmaster set me up a blog.

Last Spring(early) the emphasis was on finishing up the Peanut series and we have all of those kits available. Ralph Bradley and I had been talking about the 20 inch size models for some time and in late Spring I started working on the Mini series. Specifically the Mini Squire, a 20 inch version of the Midwest Esquire. I finished that up at the end of May and took it to SMALL 2015. I had several pilots fly it and they seemed pleased with it’s flying qualities. It is now available on my site. Next in the Mini series will be the 20 inch Mini Mambo. I have already done a 20 inch Mambo, but I have revamped the plan to use the UM P-51 power plant. This is such a nice size for a 20 inch model. I still need to prototype the Mini Mambo before releasing it on the website.

I have also developed an interest in small electric free flights, specifically the E20 class. I have designed a model and I am currently working on a small electronic timer for it. The timer is 1″x0.7″ and should weigh right around 1.5 grams. It has the motor FET on board and a DT mechanism too. The DT mechanism is a “spin-off” release. There is a small motor that has a worm gear and when the DT is activated, the motor spins running the DT string off of the end of the worm gear. I am currently working on the software and next will be a PCB, so more later.