I now have a DT only version of the timer working.  It is smaller and lighter.  It uses a Mini Vapor servo mechanics for the DT activation.  Weight is about 1.5 grams.

MVC-123F      BSD DT Only Timer v1c




I’ve also finally worked out a software scheme to save a value in the microprocessor I am using.  This will allow me to develop V2 of both the E20 timer and the DT only timer.  V2 will use a programming jumper to select a set of times to use.  Once selected, the programming jumper can be removed and the timer will use the same set of times every time it is powered up until a programming jumper is again plugged in.


I have also been working on 3 different E20 model designs.  I have built the prototype Micro Pearl E20 and I am currently building the prototype Appachette E20.  I have parts cut out for the Meteor E20 prototype, but have not started on that model yet.  The Meteor E20 is loosely based on Paul Bradley’s Meteorite E20 model.  A few weeks ago I was able to get down to George’s house and we built up 3 E20 wings from his design Igneous E20.  These wings were modified slightly from his design to conform to my preferred form factor, but the construction technique was George’s development.   These wings will be used on the Apachette E20 and the Meteor E20.  The Micro Pearl E20 uses a different wing construction.


I’m hoping the weather will allow me to start flying these FF models and re-learn trimming!  I have not flown FF since my teenage years — about 50 years ago!